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About Us

Our passion is travel.

We offer unique adventures on the road less traveled.

We have over 30 years of traveling experience and have visited 70 countries (and counting). 
Our travel expertise will help guide you to the best trip possible.

Finding off-the-beaten-path trips, where you will enjoy experiences with fellow like-minded travelers
instead of crowds of tourists, at affordable prices is our mission.

We work with independent, family-owned companies that offer small group trips run by local guides.

Our trips are affordable
because we feel that experiencing the worlds shouldn't have to cost you your life's savings.

We are your trusted screener.  
We hand pick all our trips.

We offer guidance in a field of overwhelming & countless options found on the web.  

We offer
Unique, one-of-a-kind travel experiences & adventures at affordable prices without sacrificing luxury
and of course that comes along with friendly & personalized service.  

Why are our trips special?

We send you to places we’ve been
We’ve personally traveled to all our locations seeking out the best local companies to work with.  
And we can offer first hand advice.  Because we send you to places we've been!  

We don't just sell trips, we live them too. 
We want you to have the best trip possible & give you peace of mind when you travel. 

Travel is in small groups with local, knowledgeable guides
All our guides & hosts live locally, know the history, the language and 
can offer flexible, personalized & quality service. 
We believe strongly in sustainable travel & therefore support small, local companies & cultures.
Our local guides & companies, draw on their expertise & show you the hidden gems of the region.  
We don't sell 'bulk trips', we sell unique, family-owned trips.  

We treat you the way we expect to be treated when we travel. 
Our clients, like us, are people looking for a special & memorable vacation. 

Our destinations are still pristine & yet to be discovered by large crowds of tourists.  
Enjoy beautiful surroundings without the crowds.

Come discover our off-the-beaten-path gems with us!

Happy Traveling!

Founder & Owner

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