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Baja, Mexico


Bask in Blissful Baja on Dreamy Secluded Beaches

                                "One of the best trips I've ever taken. Just breath-taking." – Rebecca


Enjoy playing in the beautiful azure waters of Baja, Mexico
Paddle Baja's most remote and scenic coastline 
Swim & Snorkel with playful sea lions
Hike & Camp on soft, sandy secluded beaches, under the stars 

Known as the "Mexican Galapagos" & the Aquarium of the world
Where you will find frigate birds & blue-footed boobies flying overhead

'It's not easy to find an undiscovered Mexican beach getaway, but these islands off Baja's eastern shore
remain pristine desert-island paradises.

Instead of miles of resorts, you'll find white-sand coasts and
crimson peaks filled with UNESCO-protected wildlife.

The most inviting is Espiritu Santo,a volcanic speck with shallow inlets that lies 15 miles from La Paz.'

                                                                                                                    From Travel and Leisure Magazine

Imagine the possibilities..................

Spend your days kayaking the deep blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and spend your nights under a
blanket of stars on a secluded beach under a Baja moon...

Snorkel with sea lion cubs and drink margaritas with your toes in the sand watching the sunset...

Hike the cactus covered canyons and laugh with new friends while the waves crash against the beach...


Just off shore from La Paz, in south Baja on the Sea of Cortez, lies one of the finest sea kayaking destinations in the world...Isla Espiritu Santo!  Pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear water, deeply indented bays protected by intriguing rock formations, abundant marine life and numerous neighboring islets...these are some of the characteristics that bring many of our guests back to this enchanting island year after year.

This is one of North America's favorite sea-kayaking trips. And deservedly so!
It offers the adventurer glorious days voyaging around one of the most appealing islands.
The rugge
d shoreline, off-shore islands and series of headlands and deep bays make each day a new adventure.
The west coast of Espir
itu is studded with some of the most spectacular white, sandy bays
you can imagine while the east co
ast has enormous towering cliffs, bizarre rock formations and alluring sea caves. Paddle each day and enjoy fantastic snorkeling, swim with sea lion pups,
hike intriguing volcanic arroyos, bathe in the glorious Baja sun,
watch manta rays leap up out of the water,
admire a school of dolphins, explore hidden inland lagoons, sip a margarita and relax in great company..... 

Isla Espiritu Santo really is paddling in paradise ~ just ask anyone that has been there!
Discover the pure wilderness of Baja California & the Sea of Cortez.  

Explore desert islands, hike a forest of towering cacti, swim with sea lions and during certain times of the year - see whales, dolphins and scores of rare birds!


                "Thank you for an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I'm having a difficult time finding the words to express just how much fun and peace I had during this trip. Gracias".-Jeffrey 

"I have been on about 8 -10 trips like this with other companies, but this trip was over the top. You people really know how to treat your guests" - Joan

                "One of the best trips I've ever taken. Just breath-taking." – Rebecca

                "Thanks for accommodating me (vegetarian) . I really enjoyed all meals. Couldn't ask for better guides -great guys. Terrific trip." -Gene

The different types of trips that we offer: 

Whale Watching trips (available during whale watching season of January and February)
Day Tours
Kayaking trips
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Our kayaking trips are either:   
FC = Fully-catered (with motorized skiff and we do all the cooking) 
CC =
Co-operatively catered (no motorized skiff and the group cooks…)

We can also arrange combined biking & kayaking trips!


Baja has rich marine life, cacti-dotted desert islands, remote & secluded
soft secluded sandy beaches to camp on and sunsets waiting to be soaked in.  Come visit today!

What’s Included/We offer:
3 full meals a day with drinks
Cold water everyday
Tents and sleeping bags at a nominal cost
Single or double kayaks
Expert guides

Types of trips: 
FC =
Fully-catered (with motorized skiff and we do all the cooking)
CC =
Co-operatively catered (no motorized skiff and the group shares in the cooking...)

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Not Included:
Flights (airfare/transportation from your home), items of a personal nature, gratuities, travel insurance.

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Interested in staying in the beautiful Baja area longer?  Just a short trip from La Paz is the charming town of Todos Santos.  While there, we welcome you to stay at our favorite hotel:

Casa Bentley Boutique Hotel is 'Baja Living at its Best' located in the historic town of Todos Santos.  A small hotel unlike any other in the world, offering warm hospitality, comfortable suites, private patios, solar heated pool, tropical ambiance, trickling fountains & a relaxing atmosphere.