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The Galapagos Islands

                                                                                           "Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!"
  -  A&M
  “The Galapagos trip was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
                                                                     Thanks for an amazing adventure.”
     -  RPM   

                         "It's an amazing place, in particular the
way in which we interacted with it - the respect for the animals and land
was a very different experience than from what we have here.  The snorkeling
was amazing and just being on the boat was pretty cool..."
- S.S.


The Lure of the Galapagos Islands...
Mingle with Endemic Species that Exist Nowhere Else on Earth.
And win a staring contest with an Owl.

Rare Giant Galapagos tortoises meander distant highlands
Prehistoric marine iguanas sun themselves on black lava rocks along the shore
while curious sea lions lay next to you on the beach & sea turtles come to lay their eggs
Flightless cormorants and tiny penguins dart through the waters
while graceful frigates & boobies screech across the sky.

Unparalleled natural splendor
A living laboratory of unique species

The Galapagos... where can you engage in a staring contest with wild animals and lose.

Where you'll witness untamed creatures living in harmony with each other and their human visitors. 
Yet the wildlife is actually very tame and you can get face-to-face with them as no where else on earth.

A visit to the Galapagos will give you a once-in-a-life-time experience of being in one of the few places left on the planet where human presence is not threatening and where the animals don’t fear us. 

The wildlife don’t run, they don’t hide and they will actually sometimes come right up to you and say hi.

Whether you are a photographer, animal lover, biologist, scientist or just an outdoor nature lover,
come and see what Darwin saw and see evolution for yourself.


The Galapagos Islands are closer than you think!
Situated off the mainland of Ecuador, the islands are only 3.5 hours from Miami!  See below for a map.

Come Sail the Galapagos with us.

Believe the hype.  The Galápagos Islands are like the Garden of Eden before the Fall.

The wildlife on this archipelago is so at ease that a Nazca booby might waddle up to peck your camera lens.

Blue-footed boobies, penguins, sea lions and the world's largest tortoises await in the wild Galapagos Islands -- and 2013 is a great year to see them.

Snorkel with tiny penguins (yes, they live in the warm Galapagos) and giant sea turtles. 
Hike on old lava formations and layer upon layer of rainbow-colored rocks.
You will often feel as if you're on another planet. 

       "Snorkeling with tons of marine life, including penguins & sea lions
                                                                                                —was unforgettable." RPM 



Imagine the possibilities.........................

Swimming & snorkeling with gentle, playful sea lions, sea turtles & penguins
while below you bright starfish
sit in the sand and maybe even glimpse a lobster, puffer fish or ray...

Watching the sun set as schools of dolphins frolic & swim along with your boat...

Walking on ancient lava flows under a volcano to view bright pink flamingos...

Hiking past 200 year old tortoises in the wild...

Spying on blue & red footed boobies feeding their young...

Have a staring contest with an owl...

Exploring a volcanic beach where marine & land iguanas roam next to
sleeping sea lions & bright red-chested frigate birds...


 With our knowledgable Galapagos naturalist guide,
you will explore remarkable island ecosystems as you inch past lounging sea lions,
scout for breaching whales & frolicking dolphins offshore and pink flamingos in hidden lagoons.

The Galapagos Islands is unique and important to all of us because
what is here is found
nowhere else on Earth. 

NEMO II  - 72' First-Class Catamaran

2017 DATES


Jan 08 - Jan 15 2017
Jan 22 - Jan 29 2017
Feb 05 - Feb 12 2017
Mar 05 - Mar 12 2017
Mar 19 - Mar 26 2017
Apr 02 - Apr 09 2017
Apr 16 - Apr 23 2017
Apr 30 - May 07 2017
May 14 - May 21 2017
May 28 - Jun 04 2017
Jun 11 - Jun 18 2017
Jul 09 - Jul 16 2017
Jul 23 - Jul 30 2017
Aug 06 - Aug 13 2017
Aug 20 - Aug 27 2017
Sep 03 - Sep 10 2017
Sep 17 - Sep 24 2017
Oct 01 - Oct 08 2017
Oct 15 - Oct 22 2017
Oct 29 - Nov 05 2017
Nov 12 - Nov 19 2017
Nov 26 - Dec 03 2017
Dec 10 - Dec 17 2017

Sunday:  Baltra /  Bachas
Monday:  Santa Cruz Highland/Charles Darwin Breeding Station
Tuesday:  San Cristobal:  Kicker Rock  - Lobos Island
Wednesday:  Española:   Punta Suàrez –  Gardner Bay  -  Gardner Islet  -  Osborn Islet
Thursday:  Floreana:   P.  Cormorant   - Champion  Islet  -  Post Office Bay
Friday:  Santa Fe (SN/PR/KY) -   South Plaza
Saturday:  Chinese Hut   - Bartolome 
Sunday:  Caleta    -  Black Turtle Cove/Baltra

Sunday:  Baltra /  Bachas 
Monday:  Santa Cruz Highland/Charles Darwin Breeding Station
Tuesday:  San Cristobal:  Kicker Rock  - Lobos Island
Wednesday:  Española:   Punta Suàrez –  Gardner Bay  -  Gardner Islet  -  Osborn Islet 
Thursday:  Floreana:   P.  Cormorant   - Champion  Islet  -  Post Office Bay 
Friday:  Santa Fe (SN/PR/KY) -   South Plaza 
Saturday:  Chinese Hut   - Bartolome  
Sunday:  Caleta    -  Black Turtle Cove/Baltra

Click here for a more detailed SOUTH ITINERARY


Jan 01 - Jan 08 2017
Jan 15 - Jan 22 2017
Jan 29 - Feb 05 2017
Feb 12 - Feb 19 2017
Feb 26 - Mar 05 2017
Mar 12 - Mar 19 2017
Mar 26 - Apr 02 2017
Apr 09 - Apr 16 2017
Apr 23 - Apr 30 2017
May 07 - May 14 2017
May 21 - May 28 2017
Jun 18 - Jun 25 2017
Jul 02 - Jul 09 2017
Jul 16 - Jul 23 2017
Jul 30 - Aug 06 2017
Aug 13 - Aug 20 2017
Aug 27 - Sep 03 2017
Sep 10 - Sep 17 2017
Sep 24 - Oct 01 2017
Oct 08 - Oct 15 2017
Oct 22 - Oct 29 2017
Nov 05 - Nov 12 2017
Nov 19 - Nov 26 2017
Dec 03 - Dec 10 2017

Sunday:   Baltra - Seymour
Monday:  Santa Cruz Highland/Charles Darwin Breeding Station
Tuesday:  Isabela:   Punta  Moreno   -   Urbina Bay 
Wednesday:  Isabela:   Tagus Cove   -    Fernandina:   Punta Espinosa 
Thursday:  Santiago:   Puerto  Egas   - Salt mines  - Espumilla Beach  -  Bucanero Cove 
Friday:   Rabida  -  Sullivan Bay
Saturday:  Genovesa:   El Barranco  - Darwin Bay 
Sunday:  Daphne    -  Baltra 

Click here for a more detailed NORTH ITINERARY
Explore these amazing islands & learn about the natural history & unimaginably abundant wildlife from our professional naturalist guide!

Click here for IMAGES of the Catamaran

Mingling with Wildlife

 Experience the natural wonders of the Galapagos



What’s Included/We offer:

. Accommodations double cabin with private bathroom
- Amenities, air conditioned
. Full board (3 meals day plus snacks)
. Guided visits to sites of interest by a naturalist
. Fully qualified Naturalist, bilingual guide Level III 
. Snorkeling equipment
. Kayaks (single kayak sit top)
. Towels - Indoor & Outdoor
. Purified water, coffee and tea
. Transfers in the Galapagos (Galapagos Airport to Yacht & Back)

We do do whatever it takes to make your trip one worth remembering.
Not Included:

. Airfare To and From Galapagos
[Please note that the R/T airline ticket to the Galapagos must be booked in conjunction with the cruise, we will book this for you and payment will be made directly to us]
. Galapagos National Park Entrance fee US $100 p.p. (subject to change at any time)
[Please note this is payable at the airport to the park service in U.S. cash only, upon arrival in the Galapagos]
. Transit card US $20 p.p.  (subject to change at any time)
. Soft and alcoholic drinks 
. Travel Insurance
. Tips

7 nights - 8 days

Price Per Person for Superior Top Cabin 1 &  2:  $3,750

Price Per Person for Standard Cabin 3 & 4 :  $3,625

Price Per Person for Twin Cabin 5 & 7:  $3,500

[Solo Travelers will share a Twin Cabin (single supplement will apply for own cabin)]

  • Cabin 1 and cabin 2: Double bed (for couples).
  • Cabin 3 and cabin 4: Lower single bed and double upper bed.
  • Cabin 5: 2 Singles upper beds.
  • Cabin 7: 1 Lower single bed and 1 upper single bed.

We can also arrange land tours to Ecuador!  Email us for information.

Our First Class boat is a 72'  12-Passenger Catamaran Yacht. 

Click here for IMAGES of Catamaran
Click here for boat information, deck plan & specs

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"Our trip was awesome. Thanks so much."  -  Brian

    "We thank you and the whole staff for an outstanding operation."  - Drake & Carol

  "Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!"  -  A&M

“The Galapagos trip was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
The boat and crew were great and the itinerary was well planned
allowing us to see all the wildlife, snorkel and hike.
Thanks for an amazing adventure.”
     -  RPM

650 miles off the coast of Ecuador & one of the most physically remote spots on earth 
yet still only a few short hours from Miami!

The Galapagos Islands are a desert-island adventure & wildlife wonderland!  
Swim with penguins & sea lions, hike past giant ancient tortoises, spy on pink flamingos while walking on lava fields, enjoy lingering sunsets on your yacht while passing the equator, kayak with sea turtles - all without hassle & from the luxury of your week long cruise. 

The Galapagos Islands are a benchmark for preservation.

The UNESCO World Heritage List calls this mostly uninhabited chain of islands
a "living museum and a showcase of evolution."

          The Galapagos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! - Click here for information